Anatomicals via ASOS


This was on sale on ASOS for Β£4 and although it is perfect as a gift I couldn’t resist in buying it for myself. Everybody loves to be pampered and a bath and facemask, this came with a candle and pillow too!! The pillow had an amusing quote on it – anatomical’s signature is having a quirky quote on their product.

Although you cant really use the pillow for bathtime its a fun inflatable you know because you can’t have enough things cluttering up the bathroom, and I’m sure it will be a great sunbathing pillow in the summer!!

Facemask – I love to do facemasks and I probably will do a whole separate piece on them with my recommendations etc! This one was so strange my housemate Jenna and I did it one evening in front of the TV. I was so glad that I read the back and it is a THERMAL facemask. This meant when our face felt like it was on fire it was normal. It wasn’t a very relaxing experience, especially as I have had very bad reactions to facemasks previously! However after keeping it on for the recommended 5 mins I washed of with warm water. Patted it dry and slapped on some NIVEA cream. After about 15 minutes or so my skin felt amazing. Super happy with the results, and I have a whole tube of it!

Bath Salts – I love indulging in a bath whether it be when I’ve had a long day at work or been walking around London all day that I need to relax. Funny enough I have never tried bath salts before so I didn’t really know what to expect. Personally I think I chucked too much in! The smell was pleasant something you grow to like more the more you smell it. It did make my bath slightly slippery so step in with caution. I will use them again but they weren’t amazing that I would be in a hurry!

Have you ever used Anatomicals before? What did you think?


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