This year I think we have seen how powerful social media is in raising awareness, funds and uniting people to stand together and stand up to cancer. I am so proud the amount of my friends who have ran marathons and half marathons in support of those close who are still fighting or in memory to those who couldn’t fight any longer.

The nomake-upselfie; which yes I was a part of raised a total of 8 million, can you seriously believe that a light hearted and in my case kind of scary nomakeupselfie could raise 8 million. Currently Stephen Sutton’s story is dominating social media with the likes of celebrities and many others urging all those to support and has raised 3 million so far. Think of the progress that can me made with that money!

Fashion Targets Breast cancer is the UK’s leading fashion charity with so many of our highstreet stores embracing the fight to stand up to cancer. You can find products all over Marks and Spencers, River Island, Warehouse and many other leading stores. Jessica Ennis, Emeli Sande and Laura Bailey are the faces of the campaign this year.

Now it is your turn to show your support. Take a look around and see how involved everybody is getting to make this change. What could be more fun shopping that contributes 30% donation to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. I have posted some of my favourite items.

Debenhams H! by Henry Holland bracelets stacked 2 - £5 each


River Island Poppy and Leopard Print Oversized T-shirt - ú18

River Island


River Island 'One and Only' Print Oversized T-shirt - ú15

River Island

Topshop LOVE Raglan T-shirt - ú18



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