The Bootcamp Body


A little while ago I told you that Jenna and I would be starting bootcamp! We bought tickets off of Timeout 10 sessions for Β£29 with Commando Active which sounded perfect. It was about time to finally shift those holiday lbs! Now we have finished I couldn’t be happier.

I endured thunderstorms, winds and sunshine with crowds of people watching us. It was surprising that Jenna and I went back after the first time. I ached like you wouldn’t believe, the simplest of tasks like sitting on a toilet and walking up/down steps were the most painful experiences.

Until you do bootcamp I don’t think you will ever realise the emotional roller coaster you go on. It ranged from –

I can do this

This isn’t actually that hard

Maybe i spoke too soon?

Oh it doesn’t hurt so much if I do it like this!

Oh dear lord we have to do it how many more times?

I can’t do it anymore

are we finished yet?

If I cry do we have to do less

I’m not coming back

And then the session would thankfully end and we would start this whole train of thought the next bootcamp sesh. We went through that 10 times. I write this as I am still aching from a work out a few days back.

Now I have lost half a stone, I’m hoping to lose the other half so my beach body looks good enough to put in a bikini by the time that I’m able to afford a holiday!



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