Hong Kong & China

Photo 31-07-2014 16 14 09


As you all know I went on my first work trip to Hong Kong and China. I was told last minute and had a huge rush to pack my suitcase and mentally prepare for such an exciting trip. It was such an amazing experience that went far to fast. The days were very long we met with suppliers and actioned new designs for our high summer range. Seeing the show rooms and all the samples was really inspiring and somewhat mind boggling. After getting stuck in the hours seemed to fly by and it was a huge push to get everything finished. I think it really has made me grow as a designer learning how to work under pressure, alongside building a one-to-one relationship with suppliers.

In the evenings we were able to experience some amazing restaurants and bars, which made the day well worth it. I’ve found a new love for red wine and managed to try a whole new selection of food.

I really really hope that I am able to go again in the near future. I’m so excited to learn more and it would be lovely to experience the city more.

Photo 30-07-2014 05 15 04

This is how they paint edges on shoes and bags. All by hand!! can you believe it, even in full production each edge is hand painted. It was a great opportunity to visit and look inside a factory where these samples are made.

Photo 30-07-2014 15 02 14 Photo 30-07-2014 15 02 34

On my first night in Hong Kong we enjoyed tapas and wine and of course I had to have a photo with the skyline!

Photo 30-07-2014 16 53 56

A nice complimentary gift from the hotel.

Photo 31-07-2014 14 21 02

This was my first ever taste of Lobster!!

Photo 31-07-2014 15 51 51 Photo 31-07-2014 15 57 19

Photo 28-07-2014 13 40 44 Photo 28-07-2014 13 40 49

My amazing hotel room in China! The bathroom had its own personal sauna! Unfortunately I only managed to spend to short nights here!

10561149_682116081862799_1248776491_n 10561213_1443154379296785_791171023_n

The last insta opportunity I had. Looking very tired from a super long day and awaiting the 12 hour flight! Goodbye HK it’s been a pleasure!



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