Birthday Girl Ahoy


At the weekend I turned 23. A pretty insignificant age, however I was totally spoilt by my family and friends with so many gifts and tequila shots. The weekend started early a friend and I traveled down south with red wine, cheese and crackers, total bliss!

Photo 08-08-2014 18 48 08

On my actual birthday I got my hair done and my family threw me an amazing Mexican night. With delicious quesadilla’s, taco’s and a Mexican casserole. I’ve literally never felt so full in my life! Of course it was customary for everyone to wear fake moustaches and for the birthday girl to wear a sombrero and poncho. I rocked it. After dinner outcame aΒ piΓ±ata in the garage as in England at the beginning of August it can still pour with rain. We drank Turbo Pimms and Mango Margaritas which I might do a blog post of recipes!

10569992_692102390873423_489658874_n 10576047_456575481152293_976733717_n 10601826_280286002175563_800550415_n 928026_427839217356676_1938345259_n 10597286_556324587810581_956634500_n Photo 08-08-2014 18 54 00

Saturday night was one to remember if it wasn’t for the double G&T’s and tequilas!! My friends made my night amazing, so many laughs and incredible pictures!!


926254_755045867867137_155154308_n 10607895_688041214623221_1127462090_n


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