Tuesday was a pretty great day it was my mummy’s birthday (happy birthday Mum) It was the day that Jenna got us free tickets to see Annie Hall at the open cinema at Somerset house. It was also the day I got a PROMOTION!!!!!!!!! I was so surprised and ecstatic that I have reached the next stage in my career. 2014 is certainly looking up.

Photo 12-08-2014 20 53 18

Although the weather wasn’t great (we got caught in a thunderstorm 20 mins before the movie started) a rainbow arched over the film screen and it stayed dry throughout the movie. We saw Annie Hall, a Woody Allen romantic comedy. It was quirky and silly, a perfect movie to watch outside under the stars.


10611212_780932555291924_1577859681_n Tuesday seemed to be my lucky day. I went to get a pizza and dough balls and Pizza Express didn’t charge us!!! It looked like it happened to a few people also getting takeaway, can’t help but love a freebie!

Photo 12-08-2014 19 13 26

Our guest bands for the VIP area at the movie, we got film4 blankets to help comfort us during the movie and such a great seat to view the movie. it was great that it wasn’t too cramped either.

Have any of you experienced an outdoor cinema?


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