Say goodbye to another Summer

As the bank holiday comes to an end and we all set our alarms for tuesday *sigh* I have taken the time to look over my favourite things I did this summer. I am sure most of you have already seen on my Instagram feed but here is a quick over view of my summer fav’s.


At the beginning of the summer an old friend visited and we went for Afternoon Tea. It was a great way to catch up and indulge on some sweet favourites!


I love this picture, it was before going on a spontaneous night out. This summer has been about saying YES as much as possible. It’s time to stop worrying about the cost, about being hungover on Sunday and just enjoying good friends and new company.


Photo 12-08-2014 20 53 18

Somerset house always has lots to enjoy during the summer. Thanks to my girls I got invites to see clean bandit and Annie hall at the open cinema. Both were such amazing evenings. To be the first to find out what events Somerset House have join their mailing list via their website!


Of course you are all aware of my excitement of getting to go Hong Kong on my first ever work trip. I might not have managed to go on holiday but I did get to go somewhere new and exciting. I might have been at work the whole time but it didn’t kill my buzz!



One of the most exciting news I had this summer was my PROMOTION! I’m still proud and in slight shock. Now I am an Assistant Designer!!


I visited the Royal Albert hall for the first time, I had a guided tour and watched a performance which was incredible. It’s great to find new things to do in the city. The great part was the performance was free!!


I attended my first mixology lesson, I wrote about it a few days back. Just another fun evening in the city!

I hope you all had an amazing Summer, did you do anything nice?!


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