You Had A Bad Day….

Do you ever have those weeks that if something is going to go wrong it’s going to happen all at once and to you! Earlier in the week I had a gas leak in the apartment, thankfully I reported it and our estate agents have been amazing helping us sort the problem and reacting quickly. However it didn’t change the fact we were out of hot water, central heating a cooker and hob. Alas now it is all fixed we have a new shiny oven! I’ve also had other minor issues on top of a very busy and stressful week at work.

After I got over feeling bitter about sleeping in my dressing gown and a hot water bottle what turned my week aroundΒ  was a special tweet I received – now usually I’m not one to complain via twitter, but whilst telling a friend about this and other problems I was having my biscuit fell into my cuppa! I had no time to buy another as I was going into an all day meeting. Of course I felt as if I had hit rock bottom and needed to vent on twitter.

Disney tweeted me sympathising over my bad day and asked to send me a care package. All in efforts to promote their new movie “Alexander the no good, terrible bad day” which looks really funny. Today I received my present and isn’t it gorgeous. Disney you have outdone yourself!

Photo 24-10-2014 12 32 42 Photo 24-10-2014 12 32 48

Check out the movie, it is out today!!



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