New York


As most of you know I went to New York for Thanks Giving this November. This was the first time back in 4 years. I can’t believe how much I have missed the big city. I was lucky enough to stay with a friend for the whole time that I was there. Going for 10 days meant that we didn’t have to rush to fit everything in.

My favourite experience was ESCAPE ROOM NYC. I was locked in a room with 9 other people and had to find clues, solve problems and work together to get out. There are different experiences to chose from The Office, The Home and The Agency. Tory and I participated in The Office. I wont give anything away incase anyone wants to try it out. I would recommend it to everyone, if you are either a small group joining other people or to go with friends and work colleagues. I felt that I coped under pressure extremely well. My team and I managed to get out the room with 18 seconds to spare, only 22% of groups manage to break out. Do you think you have what it takes?!


I also visited typical tourist attractions like 9/11 memorial, The top of the Rockefeller and walked the highline. Again these are places which are a must to visit. We were so lucky that the weather was super warm whilst on the highline. The top of the rock was chillier but saw some amazing views.

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We ate at a variety of restaurants hitting up Bubba Gump (of course) Alice’s tea cup which was adorable serving American breakfast’s with a cute twist. It is also a lovely place for afternoon tea. We also ate at Brooklyn Bagel – any other bagel pales at the comparison. I went for the everyday bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese – it was as amazing as it sounds!

Of course I did a huge bunch of shopping too. I will write about this in a separate blog post.










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