A bit of a book worm


This year has been the year of the book. I have read so many books and recently joined a book club. Geeky yes I know but I am really enjoying it. When you love or hate a book you want to share that with others!


A few reviews of what I have read this year:


Where’d you go Bernadette – This was a very addictive and indulgent read. Written mainly a series of letters and emails it catches a great sense of humor and the characters relationships. Bee is desperate to find her quirky mother this story shows many and turns you get to really feel, laugh and hate on characters.


Americanah – We are currently reading this book for our club (my selection) I chose it after seeing it recommended on lots of reading list. I’ve never reading a book based on the Nigerian culture. It has been a good read (I can’t say much until after book club) I found the synopsis of the book slightly misleading talking about Ifemelu and Obinze’s love story although most of the book is recapping on their experiences of living abroad in America and England. I preferred Ifemelu’s character to Obinze who lacked strength, passion and opinion. Ifemelu shoes all this especially in her blog


The Goldfinch – This was chosen by a book club member, its great to read books that I would never have heard of or possible chosen to read for myself. Theo loses his mother in a horrible accident, the book follows Theo growing up exploring drugs and alcohol in a turmoil of events. It is written amazingly going into so much depth on characters and experiences. You really manage to feel for Theo and those who come into his life. There are twists that you don’t expect I would recommend.


Eleanor and Park – I read this at the very beginning of the year. This was a more Teen book based on Eleanor and Park’s relationship as high school kids. Eleanor moves into town and doesn’t fit in. The story was ok, easy to read although it could have explored deeper into the character development.


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