For Easter a friend and I bought a last minute ticket to Copenhagen. It has been on my visit list FOREVER and it was great to finally get over there and experience a bit of Scandinavian culture!

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We visited most of the key places like the round tower and Nyhavn. I think the highlight was the torve hallerne kobenhavn (the food market). We attempted a walking tour however it wasn’t for us, the tour guide although really knowledgeable was really pretty irritating. We made a quick exit and grabbed a glass of wine instead!

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Mon Amour French restaurant that did AMAZING steak.

Photo 28-03-2016 22 15 16

Best Mexican – Condesa. we went for the share tacos with beef, pork and fish. The quality and flavour was amazing. i would seriously recommend to visit if you like Mexican food – book before going!

Photo 28-03-2016 22 15 19

The food market where I feast on bread cheese and wine!



It was a great quick break and everything that I needed!


Have you been before? What’s your favourite thing to do in Copenhagen?

Brunching Weekend



No weekend is complete without having some kind of brunch involved. On Sunday I had a couple of old uni friends over to talk mainly WEDDING! Our friend is getting married in July in Italy and we are both Bridesmaid. Which we are all really excited for.

Thankfully M&S do the easiest summer spread. After a delayed flight and a cancelled train I didn’t have much prep time. We washed it all down with Prosecco.

How did you spend your weekend?

Home Sweet Home


I took a bit of time out from blogging and recently really started to miss it, I haven’t had a platform to express my creativity, inspiration or all of those waffling thoughts!


In August I finally moved apartments and into a lovely 3 bed flat with 2 other girls I met on spare room, it’s a great size and perfect location. Currently I’m cooking a roast and feeling like I’m living somewhere I can call home.

Here are a few things that are still on my wish list….

home wish list copy

  1. Magazine rack – Urban Outfitters
  2. Scented Candles – Anthropoligie
  3. Hand Lotion – &Other Stories
  4. Tropical bedding – Urban Outfitters
  5. Water Bottle – Urban Outfitters

Happy bank holiday all!


It’s not just a wall

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This year has been truly crazy. Between traveling every month seeing friends planning my birthday (eek) I’ve also decided to move apartments. If you’re moving in London then I wouldn’t suggest reading any Buzzfeed articles on what you’re money could get you other places in Britain because you will get depressed.

Anyway here are some inspiring images of a dream wall in a home I could never afford!

We Are Completely Beside Ourselves – Karen Joy Fowler


I loved this book, although I can’t say much I don’t want to give anything away, the less you know about the story the better. It’s an addictive read, something I really enjoyed picking up. It was the first book in ages where I really connected and felt for the characters. The style jumps often between the past and to the present – I enjoyed the style of writing and really managed to empathise with Rosemary (the main charater) and of course Fearn.

Have you read it? What did you think?

Dark Places – Gillian Flynn


After totally loving Gone Girl I was really excited to read another book by Gillian Flynn. Libby Days family is murdered at 7 years old her evidence put Ben her brother behind bars, 24 years later she begins to question her statement and finds secrets her family was hiding. Libby’s character is strange – of course it is expected after what she experienced as a child. For me it didn’t live up to Gone Girl. It had the same writing style as Gillian Flynn has previously used and of course many little twists and traps (I fell into every single one) It was a good read, and am looking forward to read Sharp Objects another book by Gillian Flynn.

It’s not me it’s you – Marhi Mcfarlane


Usually I love Marhi’s books, they’re light hearted and entertaining, just an easy going chick flick. I started the book with high hopes, it had such a strong storyline and then it just flopped really, they dragged out too much of it and each character was “perfect” in one of those annoying he was handsome, rich and of course wanted to be with Delia… I thought it was just disappointing, on the last 10 chapters I was just rolling my eyes and wondering why I was investing my time in such crap! I guess its more of an easy holiday read, the characters bar Delia lacked any depth that made them believable – the baddies were through and through bad people and the goodies had it all – which we all know its not so black and white.


We Were Liars – E. Lockhart



A friend and I first discovered this book through Emma Robert’s instagram account (I would certainly follow if you don’t already. image also taken from her instagram) after reading the synopsis we were quiet excited to read.

I read this in one sitting, granted it was a teen read however its super addictive in a guilty pleasure kind of way. The Sinclair’s spend the summer on their private island off the coast of Massachusetts. Cadence tells you her story, or what she can remember of it. Follow her as she pieces together what happened “that summer.” It was an indulgent read with a cup of tea. However it wasn’t amazing I found it difficult to connect with Cadence as she seemed very one dimensional.

Before we met – Lucie Whitehouse


Before we met was lent to me by a friend and I found it really entertaining. It’s crosses the conversation “how well can you really know someone” – a some what scary thought joining the dating scene myself in London. Its easy to understand your partner has had a life before you meet, this book explores an exciting story around this. It has the Gone Girl feel I would recommend it a perfect holiday read.


Have you read it? What did you think!