It’s not just a wall

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This year has been truly crazy. Between traveling every month seeing friends planning my birthday (eek) I’ve also decided to move apartments. If you’re moving in London then I wouldn’t suggest reading any Buzzfeed articles on what you’re money could get you other places in Britain because you will get depressed.

Anyway here are some inspiring images of a dream wall in a home I could never afford!

Exhibit Galore.


So the only day that I feel I have money is pay day. You know that feeling you purchase a bottle of wine that isn’t the cheapest on the shelf. It’s reassuring relaxing with a glass of vino that doesn’t taste like perfume.

I try really hard to budget my money without feeling as if I’m missing out. I usually spend money on all things fashion and food. This weekend after getting rid of my HORRID cold, a friend and I decided it was the perfect weekend to head to a couple art/fashion exhibitions.

Beware there are some exhibition spoilers.


Richard Hamilton Exhibit. I would really recommend going to see this! Hamilton was one of the founding figures of Pop Art, although it wasn’t what i expected. There were pieces which of course I have seen in many art books yet there were so many pieces which I would have never realised were Hamilton’s. I saw so many pieces that had beautiful colours and interesting subjects!

Here are some of the images spotted around at the exhibition and at the Tate Modern.





After spending a few hours roaming around the Modern we headed to The Design Museum to the Paul Smith exhibit. This was good, but a bit on the small side. I also thought that you couldn’t really call it a fashion exhibition as there was only a maximum of 12 garments. We got to see other aspects of Smith’s work but it was slightly disappointing when you’re going there to see work from a great designer and seeing his photo collection.


Top Tips on how to save money:

1.Take a packed lunch with you. It is crazy how much museums try and charge for a soggy sarnie and slice of cake. Take lunch and a bottle of water, if you do have a bit of spare cash you can always buy a coffee when your feet start to ache.

2. With most Museum charges they add extra as a donation fee – you don’t actually have to pay this, you don’t even get judgmental looks when you ask not to pay the donation fee.

3. Travel can gobble up a lot of money too. If you are local to London an Oyster Card is probably the best way to travel. If you have any railcards you can connect it to your Oyster Card thus a cheaper day. If you are driving to London then there are places around Richmond and Ealing where you can park for free – or you can find cheaper car parks.

4. Exhibition books. I love buying exhibition books from exhibits I find inspiring, however the museum shops obviously are super expensive. I have a QR reader app on my phone. This enables me to scan the bar code and it will find the cheapest website. I do buy postcards when they are available of my favourite paintings/photographs.

I hope my tips helped! Have you seen any good exhibitions recently?

A Sunday Stroll in Liberty


On Sunday me and the roomie ventured out in the rain to Liberty to wonder around in awe of beautiful things we will both probably never be able to afford. We started our morning with tea and cake from Yumchaa in Soho, an adventurous Cafe where you choose loose tea which is placed on the counter in tiny little milk jugs. Jenna and I both went for the traditional English Breakfast. I am sure if I had already had my first tea of the day then I would have picked something far more exciting.



These cute paper pieces of wall art caught my eye, look how amazing they are! I love how MIHO (the brand) takes an item that the traditional Liberty’s customer would stereotypically have and throw a contemporary and innovative twist on the item. The stag is my fav!


This caught my eye as well, you have to love some trashy things, although there were far more beautiful things – like the cushions that would be going on my wishlist! However I know there are many dog lovers out there who would love a little doggy lamp in their front room!

Jenna and I spent an AGE in the Stationary room, OK yes I know what total geeks, but there was sooo much to look at from the hand crafted cards to the drawing books, note pads to photo boxes. It was also the most affordable section. I bought myself a little treat. Nothing too fancy, super inspiring none the less!!

I do plan to write a little journal, nothing too “dear diary” and until I am totally inspired I don’t want to spoil the pages with utter waffle.


I will post the pictures from the Christmas room on a special Xmas post closer to December!! In the mean time keep a look out on my Instagram

Oh Sky Captain


It was a cold winters day and me and my boyfriend snuggled on the sofa to watch Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It was such a different movie, shot in sepia tones incorporating romance, war and sci-fi.

Stella Mccartney designed the costumes for the movie, she truly has such impeccable style. I particularly noticed how beautiful the sleeve construction was on one of Gwennith Paltrows jackets.

In my collection I concentrated on a sepia tone, which was complimented with burnt oranges and slightly plum browns. Contouring lines and shapes contrast with heavy leathers and chunky buckles.