It’s not just a wall

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This year has been truly crazy. Between traveling every month seeing friends planning my birthday (eek) I’ve also decided to move apartments. If you’re moving in London then I wouldn’t suggest reading any Buzzfeed articles on what you’re money could get you other places in Britain because you will get depressed.

Anyway here are some inspiring images of a dream wall in a home I could never afford!

The House Hunt


I am going to be spending the day on Friday looking around apartments, studio flats and room shares to find somewhere to live once I start my new job. Before I go to visit these places I am really unsure if I want to have a cheaper accommodation and compromise on the area, or pay a little extra to live somewhere nicer. I also had the decision on whether I wanted to live alone, or if I wanted to share a house with others.

Everything is all happening so fast that I am having to go on my instinct and take into account advice that I am given. To be honest I’m not a party person that I will only be traveling back late at night on the odd occasion. I want my boyfriend, family and friends to be able to visit on my terms and not feel bad either. However living alone I don’t want to be lonely, these are all factors that have been playing on my mind considerably. I want to make the right choice of course. I love my independence but at the same time I love being social too. Then question I how much I will actually be able to do in the evenings and if living with others will be essential if I’m not going out!!!

On the plus side the shopping for my new home is so exciting. Its something I have never done before and picking all my bedding, accessories, mugs and plates is something that I have really been looking forward to. Luckily my Mum has been helping me lots finding crockery a kettle, toaster and other kitchen utensils which I will need. Obviously everything helps and I am thankful for everything I am given (gives me more money buying accessories!!)

If anyone has any advice on living in London, or could help with the house share V studio apartment I am open ears πŸ™‚