For Easter a friend and I bought a last minute ticket to Copenhagen. It has been on my visit list FOREVER and it was great to finally get over there and experience a bit of Scandinavian culture!

Photo 25-03-2016 11 38 53

Photo 25-03-2016 12 36 10

Photo 25-03-2016 19 56 46

Photo 26-03-2016 15 45 12

We visited most of the key places like the round tower and Nyhavn. I think the highlight was the torve hallerne kobenhavn (the food market). We attempted a walking tour however it wasn’t for us, the tour guide although really knowledgeable was really pretty irritating. We made a quick exit and grabbed a glass of wine instead!

Photo 27-03-2016 11 26 48

Photo 28-03-2016 22 14 38

Photo 28-03-2016 22 14 40

Photo 28-03-2016 22 14 44

Photo 28-03-2016 22 14 49

Photo 28-03-2016 22 14 54

Mon Amour French restaurant that did AMAZING steak.

Photo 28-03-2016 22 15 16

Best Mexican – Condesa. we went for the share tacos with beef, pork and fish. The quality and flavour was amazing. i would seriously recommend to visit if you like Mexican food – book before going!

Photo 28-03-2016 22 15 19

The food market where I feast on bread cheese and wine!



It was a great quick break and everything that I needed!


Have you been before? What’s your favourite thing to do in Copenhagen?

Brunching Weekend



No weekend is complete without having some kind of brunch involved. On Sunday I had a couple of old uni friends over to talk mainly WEDDING! Our friend is getting married in July in Italy and we are both Bridesmaid. Which we are all really excited for.

Thankfully M&S do the easiest summer spread. After a delayed flight and a cancelled train I didn’t have much prep time. We washed it all down with Prosecco.

How did you spend your weekend?

Sam’s Brasserie – Chiswick

Photo 12-04-2015 11 51 16Photo 12-04-2015 11 49 14  Photo 12-04-2015 12 01 47

Brunch is by far my favourite meal of the day. It’s what weekends are here for. Last weekend I checked out Sam’s Brasserie in Chiswick which is tucked around the corner from the lamb pub. Its nice and spacious with a friendly vibe. We managed to sneak in just before Sunday lunch – its a great area for large groups. Luckily Jenna and I found a cosy corner to have a good old gossip. The menu was filled with lots of mouth watering dishes – I went for the light (probably loads of calories) yoghurt.


I drank – Pear, Lemon and Ginger juice (wake me up juice)

I ate – Granola, yoghurt, fruit and honey


The Folly – London

Photo 11-04-2015 13 31 24Photo 11-04-2015 13 30 42  Photo 11-04-2015 13 35 51

I’ve been to the Folly on many occasions but this was the first time I have been able to have brunch here. It has a quirky out door feel vibe to the bar/restaurant. The menu is a typical breakfast menu, catering for vegetarians; they even do half portions for those with a smaller stomach. I missed out on taking full advantage of the available sides, which I won’t be making the same mistake next time.


I drank – Strawberry Mojito

I ate – Royale eggs Benedict

Birthday Girl Ahoy


At the weekend I turned 23. A pretty insignificant age, however I was totally spoilt by my family and friends with so many gifts and tequila shots. The weekend started early a friend and I traveled down south with red wine, cheese and crackers, total bliss!

Photo 08-08-2014 18 48 08

On my actual birthday I got my hair done and my family threw me an amazing Mexican night. With delicious quesadilla’s, taco’s and a Mexican casserole. I’ve literally never felt so full in my life! Of course it was customary for everyone to wear fake moustaches and for the birthday girl to wear a sombrero and poncho. I rocked it. After dinner outcame a piñata in the garage as in England at the beginning of August it can still pour with rain. We drank Turbo Pimms and Mango Margaritas which I might do a blog post of recipes!

10569992_692102390873423_489658874_n 10576047_456575481152293_976733717_n 10601826_280286002175563_800550415_n 928026_427839217356676_1938345259_n 10597286_556324587810581_956634500_n Photo 08-08-2014 18 54 00

Saturday night was one to remember if it wasn’t for the double G&T’s and tequilas!! My friends made my night amazing, so many laughs and incredible pictures!!


926254_755045867867137_155154308_n 10607895_688041214623221_1127462090_n

Hong Kong & China

Photo 31-07-2014 16 14 09


As you all know I went on my first work trip to Hong Kong and China. I was told last minute and had a huge rush to pack my suitcase and mentally prepare for such an exciting trip. It was such an amazing experience that went far to fast. The days were very long we met with suppliers and actioned new designs for our high summer range. Seeing the show rooms and all the samples was really inspiring and somewhat mind boggling. After getting stuck in the hours seemed to fly by and it was a huge push to get everything finished. I think it really has made me grow as a designer learning how to work under pressure, alongside building a one-to-one relationship with suppliers.

In the evenings we were able to experience some amazing restaurants and bars, which made the day well worth it. I’ve found a new love for red wine and managed to try a whole new selection of food.

I really really hope that I am able to go again in the near future. I’m so excited to learn more and it would be lovely to experience the city more.

Photo 30-07-2014 05 15 04

This is how they paint edges on shoes and bags. All by hand!! can you believe it, even in full production each edge is hand painted. It was a great opportunity to visit and look inside a factory where these samples are made.

Photo 30-07-2014 15 02 14 Photo 30-07-2014 15 02 34

On my first night in Hong Kong we enjoyed tapas and wine and of course I had to have a photo with the skyline!

Photo 30-07-2014 16 53 56

A nice complimentary gift from the hotel.

Photo 31-07-2014 14 21 02

This was my first ever taste of Lobster!!

Photo 31-07-2014 15 51 51 Photo 31-07-2014 15 57 19

Photo 28-07-2014 13 40 44 Photo 28-07-2014 13 40 49

My amazing hotel room in China! The bathroom had its own personal sauna! Unfortunately I only managed to spend to short nights here!

10561149_682116081862799_1248776491_n 10561213_1443154379296785_791171023_n

The last insta opportunity I had. Looking very tired from a super long day and awaiting the 12 hour flight! Goodbye HK it’s been a pleasure!


Long Weekend

I have been lucky enough to enjoy a 3 day week, this weekend I move into my new apartment. I’ve been living in London for a year now, can you believe it? So much has changed in just a year and I’m really excited to what my new apartment and what summer of 2014 bring.

My sister came up this weekend, luckily I had packed most of my belongings and gave us the chance to make the most of the sunny weather and hit Portobello. Of course the first thing we did was get a sugar fix at hummingbird bakery. I chose Nutella which was incredible and Jennie chose carrot, which unfortunately I didn’t get to try *sigh*


I bought a cute dress from the boutique LILY it was only £28 I love the shape and colour, it’s the perfect boho dress for the summer! Now just to find a Fedora and Fringed clutch to finish the look – when I have a fake tanned my legs I am sure to do an outfit post! I also picked up a cute raglan tee in a charity shop, here’s a shameless selfie…


We made it to Taquira for lunch a Mexican on Westbourne Grove, if you like Mexican food then you will love it here we had such amazing food, ordered far to much although it’s super cheap which is great so you get to try lots of dishes.


Ironically after spending the day eating we bought workout clothes in Forever21, I love some of their pieces I just bought the workout pants and plan to pair with black oversized tees. Jenna and I have started bootcamp. It is time that I start practicing my press ups and prey that there are no monkey bars! I’ll keep you updated on our progress, and please wish us luck I am sure we are going to need it!

Here are a couple of pictures of my new apartment!

502e4c1cc32f11e383470002c954d1a6_8 923603_718422908208864_273155798_n

Living Alone

IMG_2727I am starting to get to grips of living alone – I say this even though I have put a wash on a strange setting and probably have shrunk 70% of my wardrobe! Although I haven’t had a full months pay my budgeting seems to be going well. I am eating a well varied diet, mainly thanks from my flat mate, who is  a excellent cook!! Alas I miss home but I like the feeling of growing up.

I didn’t get to bring Poppy to London with me which is upsetting, she is growing so fast, like all babies do!! I get regular updates about both Poppy and Rosie which of  course is lovely to hear!

It has been strange getting in the swing of things, working in a new environment, living in the city, making new friends and meeting up with old. After watching a few episodes online of awkward it strangely inspires me to write a few things about myself. I know I am not a writer in any way shape or form but I do enjoy having somewhere to write feelings thoughts and inspiration.

Last weekend I have made the most of enjoying the weather, heading to Christopher’s Place. Somewhere I had never even heard of and would recommend to anyone looking for somewhere to brunch in central London. I enjoyed a everlasting chocolate moose and my friend Roxy ordered the Apple Tart!



We made our way to Hyde park and enjoyed the day of sunshine and gossiping!!

It has been 3 weeks since I moved and it has been going so so fast it is crazy! I hope I keep enjoying myself this much and am able to explore more of the city. I have my boyfriend visiting this weekend, although we don’t have any plans I am looking forward to having a couple of days on the sofa, drinking tea and spending some valuable time as a couple!


Health Kick


When the warmer weather hits I always get motivated to have a bit of a detox and eat super healthy for a week or two. Although between times I wouldn’t say I eat bad I just have a soft spot for chocolate, cheese and fast food!! I have made an effort to get up early enough to have a glass of Orange juice, which is a good source of vitamin and counts towards one of my 5 a day. I tend to eat something filling whether it be peanut butter on toast which contains healthy fats, crumpets if I’m being naughty! Or egg and soldiers a personal favourite!!


Lunch consists mainly of fruit, I eat a banana as I find this filling. I will also eat blueberries, strawberries and grapes and tend to have a yoghurt with granola. Most of the time this is plenty, but if I am having a super hungry day I will snack on melba dry toast or a packet of low fat crisps on the odd occasion.



Dinner times I like to eat fish or chicken dishes, sardines on toast is one of my favourite meals, although I do understand its a love it or hate it dish! I like doing salmon and boiled egg salads or a chicken salad. I’m not a massive fan of dressing so I will usually have the salad dry as well.


I realise all I do is think about food and my next meal! A good sign of a healthy appetite its just important to make sure that my portion size is sensible and that I have a good mixture of greens as well as meat. I try to cut out pasta and potato dishes during my evening meals and stick to something light. If I get the 9 o’clock munchies then I snack on cereal. I hope the warm weather comes back soon, on these cold dark days I’ve just been pigging out more and more.

Food Fest


I spent all day Saturday with a really close friend of mine Charly. We shopped in the morning, got soaking wet going to the supermarket buying all the ingredients for our MAJOR food fest. We both love to cook and LOVE to eat. Usually we will just take it in turns to cook for each other. But Saturday was different we drank Mojitos, pear and apple chasers and Pink Champagne whilst cooking the most incredible dishes. After looking at how much we made, and how much of it we finished I am shocked we are both not the size of a house!!


We started with an all time classic cheesy nachos, and proceeded to watch Drop Dead Gorgeous, such a funny movie and it set the theme for a 90’s movie night.


This is what our table spread looked like, I am hungry just looking at it. If only it was possible to eat like this every weekend!


This is a prawn dish I made from scratch it had fresh tomatoes, roasted peppers, onion and garlic. I added some of the sauce from the pepper jar which gave it an Asian taste. It was incredible…


The garlic mushrooms were Charly’s idea as we brought so many mushrooms and didn’t want them to go to waste! Simply mixing garlic with double cream and cooking the mushrooms in butter. With all that fat how could they not taste amazing!


Charly’s pasta dishes are always so yum, this had double cream, wild mushrooms and pancetta, I couldn’t stop eating it!!


This was probably my least favourite dish which is a shame. It was chicken with button mushrooms and more pancetta. Unfortunately I wasn’t keen on the Chinese seasoning used as I thought it tasted slightly artificial. In hind sight, making a spicy tomato sauce would have been perfect


And finally after a few hours of letting the food settle and the drinks flow we proceeded to melt chocolate which we enjoyed whilst dipping two punnets of strawberries in. We both had no shame of eating the chocolate with our spoons after!!

It was great having such a chilled day/night watching so many of our favourite movies and having a great catch up. I’m pretty sure it won’t be long until our next food fest. Maybe stick to a stricter size portion next time!!