The perfect summer outfit

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This summer the 70’s theme is thriving, find all the tan, white and denim you own. Make it boho by layering necklaces and a straw hat, or for a more chic look add with heels, these in the 3rd image are gorgeous, ghille lace shoes would also look amazing for this look.

Here are a few of my favourite styles….

Matching prints

tumblr_n5wakit5m21qjjo6co1_540 tumblr_n75ui80Eo71t8bby1o1_540 tumblr_ngdr8pQ96u1rzs2lno1_540Matching sets and cute prints will be about everywhere over the summer. These are a few of my favourite images. The nautical set is a classic look and you will be able to wear next summer too! Flounces are really emerging on beach wear, these two outfits are a perfect for a beach to bar look. The leg chain looks cute too.


New York New York – Kendra’s Style File

I was recently contacted by the lovely Kendal, who is going on a girls holiday to New York, she has chosen to collaborate with a few fashion bloggers to make sure she makes the most of her luggage space! Make sure you update us with lots of pics from Dream New York Hotel
NYC casual

I have hunted the highstreet and found the perfect tourist look, that is the great for mixing and matching over a few days and can transcend from going up the empire state to evening cocktails with the girls. It provides the comfort that a tourist needs whilst looking fashionable and cool like the locals.

New balance trainers are really in fashion right now, which couldn’t be better. They are super comfy and practical whilst still looking chic. Again you are likely to need something a bit bigger than a standard handbag to cater for all those tourist bits. This Asos fringe bag has been on my wishlist for a while. I have paired with both a pleated skirt from &OtherStories and some ripped denim jeans from Topshop. Both tops go great whether you want to add a fun pop of colour or wanted to fit in with the New Yorkers in black. The urban necklace is also &Otherstories. Obviously I have finished the look with a leather jacket. All us girls know we aren’t complete without a leather jacket.

nightout nyc

For the evening do at an amazing Italian restaurant Serafina I have chosen this gorg Topshop dress. Mint is such a perfect spring/summer colour and complements those with all skin tones. An A-line shape will also look great when you hiding your tummy from eating as many carbs as possible, and all those bubbles in the Champagne!

The shoes are Zara, I love the colour blocking, it goes perfectly with the mint in the dress! The clutch bag is just amazing and from Accessorize. The embellishment is cute and the colour black will go with plenty other outfits I’m sure.

I hope you have an amazing time in New York Kendal, make sure you hit beacon’s closet for the most amazing vintage finds!

Shopping Spree


Last weekend I went home to go shopping with my Mum and my Sisters, as an early Mothers day outing. We shopped for 5 hours and ate a huge amount of Wagamamas! It was a lovely day spent with the fam and aΒ  great time to use my work discount and get some key spring items.

For the last few months I have been searching for this navy blazer, it’s made of crepe and is an amazing classic item which I know will be timeless. It comes in Pink too, my mum got both colours, shows it’s a great for all ages.


I bought this victoriana top as it looks so nice under the blazer, I think its a great transitional spring/summer garment and I’ve never own anything like this – although I’ve loved this trend forever.


This is a Chelsea Girl dress, it’s midi dress which I would never usually pick as I’m 5ft 2″ that this style I find makes me look dumpy and frumpy. This was the total opposite the fully buttoned dress fitted amazingly and the v-neck made it look really well proportioned on me. Again I feel its a great classic piece in my wardrobe.


Denim is one of those items I find difficult to buy, I seem to float between two sizes at the moment and only really wear skinny jeans. These are cigarette jeans my sister got the same as they are really soft and stretchy denim making you feel super comfy!



These are both hand me downs from my sister, one great thing of having big sisters. Both items are from primark. I love the scribble print on the top and the colours.


Finally my eldest sister got this from a car boot sale, it was 50p and from Topshop. I love the tencel fabric, and the colour is quiet unique yet still goes with loads of things!!

Blazer, blouse dress and jeans – RIVER ISLAND

Jumper & tee – Primark

Khaki topΒ  – Topshop

The story of Angora

I am sure most of you have heard the horrible ordeal to do with Angora wool. Recently their has been a video leaked of baby rabbits who are tortured being plucked alive for their hair. 90% of Angora comes from China where this video or poor screaming bunnies has come from.

Since making the public aware of where Angora comes from M&S, Zara, Asos, H&M have all agreed with PETA to stop selling all Angora products effective immediately. It’s reassuring that retailers have decided to not stock this product, but how did it get on the highstreet in the first place?

The public should be educated with information before being tempted to buy these products. Is it not the retailers job to make humane decisions before placing these products on the shelves? If you haven’t already read what Peta has to say about this then click here.

As an animal lover and a previous owner of rabbits Angora will be 100& staying out of my wardrobe. I really hope all of you join in the support.


Christmas in London


London can easily put anyone in a good festive spirit. I hit the shops one morning (I recommend going early) surprisingly I had a stress free spree!! It was so much fun walking about looking at the pretty decorations and window displays!




This is one of my FAV stores on Carnaby street. It has the most quirky bits and bobs, My favourite being the Waving queen and ADORABLE egg cups. I could have stayed in the shop for ages but it was heaving. I think there were many people loving the beautifully obscure pieces. Check out their website here.



Catch a shooting star at the Liberty’s window.


My first ever Christmas tree in the flat. Its been up since November you could say I’ve been feeling the Christmas spirit.


I hope you are all getting excited for Christmas x



Last week the girls and I from work headed down to check out River Island Press day. I was so glad I was able to go as the product for SS 14 looks AMAZING. It was totally uplifting escaping from the dark and the rain into the bright yellow room surrounding in the most beautiful SS 14 Product.

IMG_5015 IMG_5016

Currently I am working on the Girlswear team at River. The collection looked great although we only got only a tiny section to display it was all lovely, its great seeing all the hard work displayed for the team. Working in a small team is great for opportunities for myself and amazing to see how much the range is growing and developing each season.

IMG_5017 IMG_5018 IMG_5019 IMG_5020 IMG_5022 IMG_5023 IMG_5024 IMG_5025 IMG_5026 IMG_5028 IMG_5029 IMG_5031 IMG_5032 IMG_5033 IMG_5034

As you can see there is fantastic selection of texture, colour, print and of course bling. River is definitely becoming one of the most exciting brands on the highstreet. There most certainly wasn’t anything dull or bland at the launch, I really can’t wait to be able to shop SS 14.Β  I am sure all of the many many designers/assistants/buyers must be so so proud of the outcome at the press day launch!!