It’s not just a wall

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This year has been truly crazy. Between traveling every month seeing friends planning my birthday (eek) I’ve also decided to move apartments. If you’re moving in London then I wouldn’t suggest reading any Buzzfeed articles on what you’re money could get you other places in Britain because you will get depressed.

Anyway here are some inspiring images of a dream wall in a home I could never afford!

Long Weekend

I have been lucky enough to enjoy a 3 day week, this weekend I move into my new apartment. I’ve been living in London for a year now, can you believe it? So much has changed in just a year and I’m really excited to what my new apartment and what summer of 2014 bring.

My sister came up this weekend, luckily I had packed most of my belongings and gave us the chance to make the most of the sunny weather and hit Portobello. Of course the first thing we did was get a sugar fix at hummingbird bakery. I chose Nutella which was incredible and Jennie chose carrot, which unfortunately I didn’t get to try *sigh*


I bought a cute dress from the boutique LILY it was only £28 I love the shape and colour, it’s the perfect boho dress for the summer! Now just to find a Fedora and Fringed clutch to finish the look – when I have a fake tanned my legs I am sure to do an outfit post! I also picked up a cute raglan tee in a charity shop, here’s a shameless selfie…


We made it to Taquira for lunch a Mexican on Westbourne Grove, if you like Mexican food then you will love it here we had such amazing food, ordered far to much although it’s super cheap which is great so you get to try lots of dishes.


Ironically after spending the day eating we bought workout clothes in Forever21, I love some of their pieces I just bought the workout pants and plan to pair with black oversized tees. Jenna and I have started bootcamp. It is time that I start practicing my press ups and prey that there are no monkey bars! I’ll keep you updated on our progress, and please wish us luck I am sure we are going to need it!

Here are a couple of pictures of my new apartment!

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Home Sweet Home…..

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I have been having one of those days where you just feel so ill you cant actually spend your time doing anything worthwhile that I have just been collecting images of my perfect home! I don’t know if I have selected a contemporary studio flat, English cottage or sea side resort but these are a few of my favorite images…. These next cushions (£12) would also be perfect on a vintage wooden chair at the top of the stairs. *sigh* I need to save for a mortgage….