It’s not just a wall

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This year has been truly crazy. Between traveling every month seeing friends planning my birthday (eek) I’ve also decided to move apartments. If you’re moving in London then I wouldn’t suggest reading any Buzzfeed articles on what you’re money could get you other places in Britain because you will get depressed.

Anyway here are some inspiring images of a dream wall in a home I could never afford!

Sam’s Brasserie – Chiswick

Photo 12-04-2015 11 51 16Photo 12-04-2015 11 49 14  Photo 12-04-2015 12 01 47

Brunch is by far my favourite meal of the day. It’s what weekends are here for. Last weekend I checked out Sam’s Brasserie in Chiswick which is tucked around the corner from the lamb pub. Its nice and spacious with a friendly vibe. We managed to sneak in just before Sunday lunch – its a great area for large groups. Luckily Jenna and I found a cosy corner to have a good old gossip. The menu was filled with lots of mouth watering dishes – I went for the light (probably loads of calories) yoghurt.


I drank – Pear, Lemon and Ginger juice (wake me up juice)

I ate – Granola, yoghurt, fruit and honey


The Folly – London

Photo 11-04-2015 13 31 24Photo 11-04-2015 13 30 42  Photo 11-04-2015 13 35 51

I’ve been to the Folly on many occasions but this was the first time I have been able to have brunch here. It has a quirky out door feel vibe to the bar/restaurant. The menu is a typical breakfast menu, catering for vegetarians; they even do half portions for those with a smaller stomach. I missed out on taking full advantage of the available sides, which I won’t be making the same mistake next time.


I drank – Strawberry Mojito

I ate – Royale eggs Benedict

Cause every tear that flows falls into the ocean

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I’ve been thinking about moving apartment recently, which of course got me pinning on pinterest my “dream home”. I’m sure it exists just certainly out of my price range. These slogan buntings are so cute, I’ve seen them about on blogs and I would love to find out where I can make my own?!

I’m also on the look out for amazing photos/paintings of the sea to clutter up a new room. Doesn’t the 70’s table diner just look fab!

Say goodbye to another Summer

As the bank holiday comes to an end and we all set our alarms for tuesday *sigh* I have taken the time to look over my favourite things I did this summer. I am sure most of you have already seen on my Instagram feed but here is a quick over view of my summer fav’s.


At the beginning of the summer an old friend visited and we went for Afternoon Tea. It was a great way to catch up and indulge on some sweet favourites!


I love this picture, it was before going on a spontaneous night out. This summer has been about saying YES as much as possible. It’s time to stop worrying about the cost, about being hungover on Sunday and just enjoying good friends and new company.


Photo 12-08-2014 20 53 18

Somerset house always has lots to enjoy during the summer. Thanks to my girls I got invites to see clean bandit and Annie hall at the open cinema. Both were such amazing evenings. To be the first to find out what events Somerset House have join their mailing list via their website!


Of course you are all aware of my excitement of getting to go Hong Kong on my first ever work trip. I might not have managed to go on holiday but I did get to go somewhere new and exciting. I might have been at work the whole time but it didn’t kill my buzz!



One of the most exciting news I had this summer was my PROMOTION! I’m still proud and in slight shock. Now I am an Assistant Designer!!


I visited the Royal Albert hall for the first time, I had a guided tour and watched a performance which was incredible. It’s great to find new things to do in the city. The great part was the performance was free!!


I attended my first mixology lesson, I wrote about it a few days back. Just another fun evening in the city!

I hope you all had an amazing Summer, did you do anything nice?!

Mixology Class

Photo 21-08-2014 23 37 02

This week I was lucky enough to experience a mixology class at The Folly in London. Mixology is just a technical word for making cocktails. This beat any Yoga class and was certainly up my street. Although it wasn’t really much of a “class” more or less a group of 10 girls laughing and throwing in extra shots into our mixer cups!

The guy that took our session was incredibly laid back and friendly. a group of 10 girls it can be difficult to hold our attention that he was patent and didn’t mind showing a demonstration 2/3 times!

Photo 21-08-2014 23 36 59

I would definitely recommend a class like this for an ice breaker between new friends, a new way to pre-drink before a night out.


My cocktail was delish it had lime juice, raspberry pure and campari. We followed the lesson with dinner. Luckily our lesson was for free (Thanks Folly) you can book yours online for a reasonable cost. Have fun mixing!






Tuesday was a pretty great day it was my mummy’s birthday (happy birthday Mum) It was the day that Jenna got us free tickets to see Annie Hall at the open cinema at Somerset house. It was also the day I got a PROMOTION!!!!!!!!! I was so surprised and ecstatic that I have reached the next stage in my career. 2014 is certainly looking up.

Photo 12-08-2014 20 53 18

Although the weather wasn’t great (we got caught in a thunderstorm 20 mins before the movie started) a rainbow arched over the film screen and it stayed dry throughout the movie. We saw Annie Hall, a Woody Allen romantic comedy. It was quirky and silly, a perfect movie to watch outside under the stars.


10611212_780932555291924_1577859681_n Tuesday seemed to be my lucky day. I went to get a pizza and dough balls and Pizza Express didn’t charge us!!! It looked like it happened to a few people also getting takeaway, can’t help but love a freebie!

Photo 12-08-2014 19 13 26

Our guest bands for the VIP area at the movie, we got film4 blankets to help comfort us during the movie and such a great seat to view the movie. it was great that it wasn’t too cramped either.

Have any of you experienced an outdoor cinema?

Tourist Babes






I’ve had a lot of friends visit me recently in London. I love doing to touristy things too! Like watching the changing of the guard and seeing if the queen is at home! Wondering around Harrods and Libertys. ESPECIALLY the food court, look at the rose cakes. They looked amazing, I settled for a cinnabon which did not disappoint at all!!

A couple of weeks later a friend from New York was down for a couple of days so we chilled and had a very British afternoon tea. We went to the Cavendish which is a short walk from Green Park station. It was mid week that I wouldn’t say that you needed to book. When Alexis and I were there it was very quiet and lacked atmosphere.

The staff were very pleasant and attentive always making sure we had enough tea and cakes. The scones were incredible warm and fluffy like they are meant to be!! We took our time and caught up on 3 years worth of news.


Mango Bellini






I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine at the weekend. I ventured out of  Central London and into Bromley. The weather was perfect and sunny that we drank cocktails and lazed in the garden. It’s not very often I go to a friends house where they have the luxury of a garden. The food was incredible with macaroons, strawberry & rhubarb pie an key lime pie.

Even Hannah’s little kitty enjoyed the bellini’s! We drank out of vintage straws and soaked up as much sun as possible.

On the Sunday I skipped the hangover and saw my parents. We sorted out the last of the old flat and lunched alfresco at a cute little Italian in Ealing.


I hope you all had lovely weekend!!

Long Weekend

I have been lucky enough to enjoy a 3 day week, this weekend I move into my new apartment. I’ve been living in London for a year now, can you believe it? So much has changed in just a year and I’m really excited to what my new apartment and what summer of 2014 bring.

My sister came up this weekend, luckily I had packed most of my belongings and gave us the chance to make the most of the sunny weather and hit Portobello. Of course the first thing we did was get a sugar fix at hummingbird bakery. I chose Nutella which was incredible and Jennie chose carrot, which unfortunately I didn’t get to try *sigh*


I bought a cute dress from the boutique LILY it was only £28 I love the shape and colour, it’s the perfect boho dress for the summer! Now just to find a Fedora and Fringed clutch to finish the look – when I have a fake tanned my legs I am sure to do an outfit post! I also picked up a cute raglan tee in a charity shop, here’s a shameless selfie…


We made it to Taquira for lunch a Mexican on Westbourne Grove, if you like Mexican food then you will love it here we had such amazing food, ordered far to much although it’s super cheap which is great so you get to try lots of dishes.


Ironically after spending the day eating we bought workout clothes in Forever21, I love some of their pieces I just bought the workout pants and plan to pair with black oversized tees. Jenna and I have started bootcamp. It is time that I start practicing my press ups and prey that there are no monkey bars! I’ll keep you updated on our progress, and please wish us luck I am sure we are going to need it!

Here are a couple of pictures of my new apartment!

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