Brunching Weekend



No weekend is complete without having some kind of brunch involved. On Sunday I had a couple of old uni friends over to talk mainly WEDDING! Our friend is getting married in July in Italy and we are both Bridesmaid. Which we are all really excited for.

Thankfully M&S do the easiest summer spread. After a delayed flight and a cancelled train I didn’t have much prep time. We washed it all down with Prosecco.

How did you spend your weekend?

Steal My Sunshine

Sunglasses copy

I have spent the whole weekend being ill with some horrible sickness bug that I haven’t even had the energy to be inspired!! Here is a collection of sunglasses I have been keeping my eye on over the last week or so…
Top Fav…
1. Cream Sunglasses – Marks and Spencer – I have actually already purchased these. I fell in love with the cateye look and the cream colour screamed classic and trendy.

2. Star Sunglasses – Asos – These Wildfox sunglasses I would LOVE to own, only if my bank account could permit it!

3. Tortoise shell – Next (£15) – Tortoise shell are always a great option as they will be in for following seasons too! They are also a great shape for those not confident enough to embrace the full cateye look.


Sparks flying


I had a very girly weekend consisting of making lots of teddy bears for gifts and a shopping date with my mum, I sound like a stepford wife! I am sure I will have a rock and roll weekend soon which will balance it out.

I started the weekend with a bra fitting at Marks and Spencer, Hedge End, with a close friend. I love their underwear range and almost always get my underwear from there anyway (Marks and Spencer and H&m are my favourite places to shop) and at the age of 21 surly it is time to get measured. I haven’t changed size for as long as I remembered and I am sick of getting excited to get pretty underwear, which just leaves me deflated (literally) after I can’t find anything to fit. Being no bra expert myself I have no clue where I have been going wrong. So many women wear poorly fitted underwear, or underwear that isn’t the right size. Being a small-busted girl myself I was rather nervous I would be measured smaller and it would all end in tears. But it didn’t and it was actually a really nice experience.

Getting measured wasn’t awkward either, I made sure I wore a nice bra, which looking back I could have worn a newer one – alas if I had many of those I wouldn’t be bra shopping would I!!! As soon as I whisked my top off I was told I was wearing something far too small (RESULT). I was then measured 2 sizes bigger than what I was wearing. Which made me excited to see how a bra should really fit.

I explained to the shop assistant what kind of bras I was looking for, I wanted to go for practical yet pretty and she brought back a selection. After trying on a few bras I selected the ones I wanted. I also had a quick nift around the store for any sexy bras, to be honest I didn’t want an assistant to pick these out for me! Unfortunately the 3 that I found they didn’t have in my NEW size! However I was informed I could order all of them into store.



Here are the two sets that I did get, the t-shirt material is perfect for an everyday bra. The light pastel colours are great for the spring season and they are cute and girly too! Two good quality sets for £26 is a bargain. I will wait a few weeks and begin to build my underwear draw with my correct new size.

I would really recommend going for a bra fitting. I was really pleased with Marks and Spencer, they even provide a checking service when you go back to try on new bras to make sure that they are fitting correctly and you haven’t changed size!