Home Sweet Home


I took a bit of time out from blogging and recently really started to miss it, I haven’t had a platform to express my creativity, inspiration or all of those waffling thoughts!


In August I finally moved apartments and into a lovely 3 bed flat with 2 other girls I met on spare room, it’s a great size and perfect location. Currently I’m cooking a roast and feeling like I’m living somewhere I can call home.

Here are a few things that are still on my wish list….

home wish list copy

  1. Magazine rack – Urban Outfitters
  2. Scented Candles – Anthropoligie
  3. Hand Lotion – &Other Stories
  4. Tropical bedding – Urban Outfitters
  5. Water Bottle – Urban Outfitters

Happy bank holiday all!


Before we met – Lucie Whitehouse


Before we met was lent to me by a friend and I found it really entertaining. It’s crosses the conversation “how well can you really know someone” – a some what scary thought joining the dating scene myself in London. Its easy to understand your partner has had a life before you meet, this book explores an exciting story around this. It has the Gone Girl feel I would recommend it a perfect holiday read.


Have you read it? What did you think!


Budapest & Vienna


Over the Easter break a few friends and I ventured to Budapest and Vienna for a little city get away. I preferred Budapest, with all their cute cafes, restaurants, and bars. The cost of food, alcohol, and living out there is very cheap; which means you don’t have to watch your wallet (or your waist line unfortunately).

DSC_0017 DSC_0001 DSC_0061 DSC_0004 DSC_0127 DSC_0116

Whilst there we stayed in Brody Apartments, which was gorgeous and plenty spacious for the 4 of us. We ventured out on the free walking tour, which took us to some of the key locations around Budapest, learning little bits about the history and where the best places are to go. We were joined by plenty of wind and the occasional snow. It didn’t stop everywhere we wanted to go so we made our own stops afterwards.

DSC_0058  DSC_0068The Little Princess her knees shiny from thousands of hands stroking it for luck.DSC_0155 DSC_0134 Emanuel Tree – with the names of Hungarian Jews killed during the Holocaust inscribed on each leaf  DSC_0142Street art – Did you know Hungary invented the Rubix cube?DSC_0179ParliamentDSC_0175 DSC_0163Shoes on the Danube Bank DSC_0084

The ruin bars are what Budapest is known for, we went to plenty and I would recommend checking them out! Maybe try a Polinka or two, but expect a hangover in the morning.

We headed to Sparty one night for the spa baths turned club, which I wouldn’t really recommend. The party scene was fun, just in general it was full of creepy guys who would dunk you if you weren’t interested in their boring chat up lines..


After 4 amazing days we caught an early train to Vienna, being Easter Monday there wasn’t a lot to do. We headed to the castle for the Easter market, enjoying plenty of food and again more snow.

DSC_0137 11226866_456259974538280_2130274297_n 11137956_1554304634822393_755244101_nSt Stephens Cathedral


We found a cute café to sit in whilst the others figured out the map and tram system – a skill I am useless in and had a wonder around a few sightseeing places.

Photo 07-04-2015 13 53 15 Photo 07-04-2015 14 15 18 Photo 07-04-2015 14 53 35
Cinnamon bun pudding
Lugeck was certainly my highlight of Vienna, the décor and food was amazing, along with the pear and ginger wine spritzers.


It was a great trip and can’t wait for another city break. Any recommendations for my next get away?


All of the amazing photography by Nicola. Check out Nicola’s photos on her Instagram here

That Gym thing….. #ThisGirlCan


Just after Christmas I announced that I was joining the gym, it has been tough I’m not going to lie, but after 3 weeks I have gone at least 4 times a week, which I’m pretty proud of!

Of course there are so many emotional stages of joining that any non fit gym goer will understand. For me, half of my nerves were about the door not opening or the showering situation after class, or the fact that although I am slim I’m horrendously unfit and don’t even come close to touching my toes! To be honest I thought that I was the only one with these thoughts. Recently however I read an article that say 75% of females between 14-40 want to be come more active but that insecurity is a big obstacle. The strongest theme was being judged for being the wrong size, not fit enough or not skilled enough.

Sports England have launched a new campaign to motivate brits to get more fit showing a range of ages and skills, the only thing they have missed off is all sizes. The advert features mainly full figured women, when of course super slim girls also have insecurities too. The video has been viewed two million times in less than a week. Which is great and hopefully it is inspiring females to get their trainers on and reach that level of fitness and feel good.

My favourite classes are spin and legs bums and tums. I also do Abs Attack and this week I will be doing kettlebells for the first time. Work has been crazy busy so between meetings and prepping for meetings actually leaving work at a reasonable time has been one of the biggest obstacle to overcome. I have to say that I am surprisingly enjoying it too. I am someone who would rather sit in bed watching the Avengers with microwaved doughnuts and nutella – but who wouldn’t. I’ve traded in this all to sweat, go an obscene shade of red and ache like a bitch for most of the week.

I think it is all about setting yourself a reachable goal. If you’re wanting to lose a stone, then you need to give yourself time to do this and not crash diet and starve your body. I’m hoping to lose a bit of weight and tone up for a summer holiday, giving myself 6 months to hit the gym hard and not feel guilty about spending 3 hours at all you can eat dim sum, because you know it happens to the best of us.

Have you watched #Thisgirlcan video yet? What are your thoughts? Watch it here

A bit of a book worm


This year has been the year of the book. I have read so many books and recently joined a book club. Geeky yes I know but I am really enjoying it. When you love or hate a book you want to share that with others!


A few reviews of what I have read this year:


Where’d you go Bernadette – This was a very addictive and indulgent read. Written mainly a series of letters and emails it catches a great sense of humor and the characters relationships. Bee is desperate to find her quirky mother this story shows many and turns you get to really feel, laugh and hate on characters.


Americanah – We are currently reading this book for our club (my selection) I chose it after seeing it recommended on lots of reading list. I’ve never reading a book based on the Nigerian culture. It has been a good read (I can’t say much until after book club) I found the synopsis of the book slightly misleading talking about Ifemelu and Obinze’s love story although most of the book is recapping on their experiences of living abroad in America and England. I preferred Ifemelu’s character to Obinze who lacked strength, passion and opinion. Ifemelu shoes all this especially in her blog


The Goldfinch – This was chosen by a book club member, its great to read books that I would never have heard of or possible chosen to read for myself. Theo loses his mother in a horrible accident, the book follows Theo growing up exploring drugs and alcohol in a turmoil of events. It is written amazingly going into so much depth on characters and experiences. You really manage to feel for Theo and those who come into his life. There are twists that you don’t expect I would recommend.


Eleanor and Park – I read this at the very beginning of the year. This was a more Teen book based on Eleanor and Park’s relationship as high school kids. Eleanor moves into town and doesn’t fit in. The story was ok, easy to read although it could have explored deeper into the character development.

Soap Cherie

10881898_743314055717460_446381750_nWhilst in Brooklyn we stopped off at Soap Cherie, which if you love pampering yourself this is a must place to stop off.

I purchased a few pamper items whilst here, this is 100% the shop assistants fault. She was so friendly and informative about their products. My skin felt amazing after and the fragrance lasted forever.

I bought a few bath bombs – Orange Aloe, Cherry sherbet and pear I left them in my bath bag since buying them and it smells amazing. I can’t wait to have a relaxing evening and put in the bath.


The Coconut and Lime Dead Sea Salt Scrub I tried in store. I used as a scrub for my hands. I loved this product as the smell was refreshing whilst not being overpowering. You can also use this on your body and face. This is probably one of my favourite purchases from the holiday.

My final purchase was the Oatmeal milk and Honey soap. Oatmeal is known for relieving skin irritations so will be perfect when in the colder weather my skin starts to get dry.




New York


As most of you know I went to New York for Thanks Giving this November. This was the first time back in 4 years. I can’t believe how much I have missed the big city. I was lucky enough to stay with a friend for the whole time that I was there. Going for 10 days meant that we didn’t have to rush to fit everything in.

My favourite experience was ESCAPE ROOM NYC. I was locked in a room with 9 other people and had to find clues, solve problems and work together to get out. There are different experiences to chose from The Office, The Home and The Agency. Tory and I participated in The Office. I wont give anything away incase anyone wants to try it out. I would recommend it to everyone, if you are either a small group joining other people or to go with friends and work colleagues. I felt that I coped under pressure extremely well. My team and I managed to get out the room with 18 seconds to spare, only 22% of groups manage to break out. Do you think you have what it takes?!


I also visited typical tourist attractions like 9/11 memorial, The top of the Rockefeller and walked the highline. Again these are places which are a must to visit. We were so lucky that the weather was super warm whilst on the highline. The top of the rock was chillier but saw some amazing views.

10483324_490656794410351_517567596_n 10533406_855662884464515_1779425467_n

We ate at a variety of restaurants hitting up Bubba Gump (of course) Alice’s tea cup which was adorable serving American breakfast’s with a cute twist. It is also a lovely place for afternoon tea. We also ate at Brooklyn Bagel – any other bagel pales at the comparison. I went for the everyday bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese – it was as amazing as it sounds!

Of course I did a huge bunch of shopping too. I will write about this in a separate blog post.









You Had A Bad Day….

Do you ever have those weeks that if something is going to go wrong it’s going to happen all at once and to you! Earlier in the week I had a gas leak in the apartment, thankfully I reported it and our estate agents have been amazing helping us sort the problem and reacting quickly. However it didn’t change the fact we were out of hot water, central heating a cooker and hob. Alas now it is all fixed we have a new shiny oven! I’ve also had other minor issues on top of a very busy and stressful week at work.

After I got over feeling bitter about sleeping in my dressing gown and a hot water bottle what turned my week around  was a special tweet I received – now usually I’m not one to complain via twitter, but whilst telling a friend about this and other problems I was having my biscuit fell into my cuppa! I had no time to buy another as I was going into an all day meeting. Of course I felt as if I had hit rock bottom and needed to vent on twitter.

Disney tweeted me sympathising over my bad day and asked to send me a care package. All in efforts to promote their new movie “Alexander the no good, terrible bad day” which looks really funny. Today I received my present and isn’t it gorgeous. Disney you have outdone yourself!

Photo 24-10-2014 12 32 42 Photo 24-10-2014 12 32 48

Check out the movie, it is out today!!


Say goodbye to another Summer

As the bank holiday comes to an end and we all set our alarms for tuesday *sigh* I have taken the time to look over my favourite things I did this summer. I am sure most of you have already seen on my Instagram feed but here is a quick over view of my summer fav’s.


At the beginning of the summer an old friend visited and we went for Afternoon Tea. It was a great way to catch up and indulge on some sweet favourites!


I love this picture, it was before going on a spontaneous night out. This summer has been about saying YES as much as possible. It’s time to stop worrying about the cost, about being hungover on Sunday and just enjoying good friends and new company.


Photo 12-08-2014 20 53 18

Somerset house always has lots to enjoy during the summer. Thanks to my girls I got invites to see clean bandit and Annie hall at the open cinema. Both were such amazing evenings. To be the first to find out what events Somerset House have join their mailing list via their website!


Of course you are all aware of my excitement of getting to go Hong Kong on my first ever work trip. I might not have managed to go on holiday but I did get to go somewhere new and exciting. I might have been at work the whole time but it didn’t kill my buzz!



One of the most exciting news I had this summer was my PROMOTION! I’m still proud and in slight shock. Now I am an Assistant Designer!!


I visited the Royal Albert hall for the first time, I had a guided tour and watched a performance which was incredible. It’s great to find new things to do in the city. The great part was the performance was free!!


I attended my first mixology lesson, I wrote about it a few days back. Just another fun evening in the city!

I hope you all had an amazing Summer, did you do anything nice?!

Hong Kong & China

Photo 31-07-2014 16 14 09


As you all know I went on my first work trip to Hong Kong and China. I was told last minute and had a huge rush to pack my suitcase and mentally prepare for such an exciting trip. It was such an amazing experience that went far to fast. The days were very long we met with suppliers and actioned new designs for our high summer range. Seeing the show rooms and all the samples was really inspiring and somewhat mind boggling. After getting stuck in the hours seemed to fly by and it was a huge push to get everything finished. I think it really has made me grow as a designer learning how to work under pressure, alongside building a one-to-one relationship with suppliers.

In the evenings we were able to experience some amazing restaurants and bars, which made the day well worth it. I’ve found a new love for red wine and managed to try a whole new selection of food.

I really really hope that I am able to go again in the near future. I’m so excited to learn more and it would be lovely to experience the city more.

Photo 30-07-2014 05 15 04

This is how they paint edges on shoes and bags. All by hand!! can you believe it, even in full production each edge is hand painted. It was a great opportunity to visit and look inside a factory where these samples are made.

Photo 30-07-2014 15 02 14 Photo 30-07-2014 15 02 34

On my first night in Hong Kong we enjoyed tapas and wine and of course I had to have a photo with the skyline!

Photo 30-07-2014 16 53 56

A nice complimentary gift from the hotel.

Photo 31-07-2014 14 21 02

This was my first ever taste of Lobster!!

Photo 31-07-2014 15 51 51 Photo 31-07-2014 15 57 19

Photo 28-07-2014 13 40 44 Photo 28-07-2014 13 40 49

My amazing hotel room in China! The bathroom had its own personal sauna! Unfortunately I only managed to spend to short nights here!

10561149_682116081862799_1248776491_n 10561213_1443154379296785_791171023_n

The last insta opportunity I had. Looking very tired from a super long day and awaiting the 12 hour flight! Goodbye HK it’s been a pleasure!