Home Sweet Home


I took a bit of time out from blogging and recently really started to miss it, I haven’t had a platform to express my creativity, inspiration or all of those waffling thoughts!


In August I finally moved apartments and into a lovely 3 bed flat with 2 other girls I met on spare room, it’s a great size and perfect location. Currently I’m cooking a roast and feeling like I’m living somewhere I can call home.

Here are a few things that are still on my wish list….

home wish list copy

  1. Magazine rack – Urban Outfitters
  2. Scented Candles – Anthropoligie
  3. Hand Lotion – &Other Stories
  4. Tropical bedding – Urban Outfitters
  5. Water Bottle – Urban Outfitters

Happy bank holiday all!


New York for Fall


I am so excited to share that I am going to New York in the Fall for Thanks Giving. Four years ago I spent 4 and half months in the big city and have missed it everyday since. Due to an amazing promotion I have treated myself to seeing old friends, eating tonns of crazy good American food, and experiencing for the very first Thanks Giving dinner with a very close friend’s family in PA.

I’m saving hard which means eating soup more often than not and putting off getting my winter clothes for as long as possible. Obviously I will need my winter essentials before going to the city. I have been starting a wish list already! I will share in due course.

Have any of you got any super ideas of what I should put onto my list of to do things? I’ve done a lot of the typical touristy things before but I would LOVE to hear any suggestions that you may have!


I’m hoping to avoid the snow this time! Time has really gone so fast, I can’t wait to be sitting on the airplane on my newest adventure! The countdown starts here…..

Holiday Wish List

free people

I went on FreePeople today, which is a huge mistake. After receiving a parking fine in London my Monday couldn’t get worse, but its depressing to think that I could have got one of these beauties. I am still hoping to have a hot get-away at some point this summer. Here are the ideal summer bits that I would take.

All of the items are from free people – I got these directly from their site. But they now sell on asos, which often has discount codes. Got to be savvy when you’re spending over £150 on an item

The crochet swimsuit is a great beach to bar outfit paired with denim shorts, maxi skirt or cute flares. The bra-let is equally adorable, for the cooler weather I would pair this with a simple cotton tee in either grey or white.

The dress and playsuit are just gorgeous nice simple pieces that would suit a city and beach break.

Now I’m crossing my fingers for no more fines and that I can save for a flight out of here.

New York New York – Kendra’s Style File

I was recently contacted by the lovely Kendal, who is going on a girls holiday to New York, she has chosen to collaborate with a few fashion bloggers to make sure she makes the most of her luggage space! Make sure you update us with lots of pics from Dream New York Hotel
NYC casual

I have hunted the highstreet and found the perfect tourist look, that is the great for mixing and matching over a few days and can transcend from going up the empire state to evening cocktails with the girls. It provides the comfort that a tourist needs whilst looking fashionable and cool like the locals.

New balance trainers are really in fashion right now, which couldn’t be better. They are super comfy and practical whilst still looking chic. Again you are likely to need something a bit bigger than a standard handbag to cater for all those tourist bits. This Asos fringe bag has been on my wishlist for a while. I have paired with both a pleated skirt from &OtherStories and some ripped denim jeans from Topshop. Both tops go great whether you want to add a fun pop of colour or wanted to fit in with the New Yorkers in black. The urban necklace is also &Otherstories. Obviously I have finished the look with a leather jacket. All us girls know we aren’t complete without a leather jacket.

nightout nyc

For the evening do at an amazing Italian restaurant Serafina I have chosen this gorg Topshop dress. Mint is such a perfect spring/summer colour and complements those with all skin tones. An A-line shape will also look great when you hiding your tummy from eating as many carbs as possible, and all those bubbles in the Champagne!

The shoes are Zara, I love the colour blocking, it goes perfectly with the mint in the dress! The clutch bag is just amazing and from Accessorize. The embellishment is cute and the colour black will go with plenty other outfits I’m sure.

I hope you have an amazing time in New York Kendal, make sure you hit beacon’s closet for the most amazing vintage finds!

Long Weekend

I have been lucky enough to enjoy a 3 day week, this weekend I move into my new apartment. I’ve been living in London for a year now, can you believe it? So much has changed in just a year and I’m really excited to what my new apartment and what summer of 2014 bring.

My sister came up this weekend, luckily I had packed most of my belongings and gave us the chance to make the most of the sunny weather and hit Portobello. Of course the first thing we did was get a sugar fix at hummingbird bakery. I chose Nutella which was incredible and Jennie chose carrot, which unfortunately I didn’t get to try *sigh*


I bought a cute dress from the boutique LILY it was only £28 I love the shape and colour, it’s the perfect boho dress for the summer! Now just to find a Fedora and Fringed clutch to finish the look – when I have a fake tanned my legs I am sure to do an outfit post! I also picked up a cute raglan tee in a charity shop, here’s a shameless selfie…


We made it to Taquira for lunch a Mexican on Westbourne Grove, if you like Mexican food then you will love it here we had such amazing food, ordered far to much although it’s super cheap which is great so you get to try lots of dishes.


Ironically after spending the day eating we bought workout clothes in Forever21, I love some of their pieces I just bought the workout pants and plan to pair with black oversized tees. Jenna and I have started bootcamp. It is time that I start practicing my press ups and prey that there are no monkey bars! I’ll keep you updated on our progress, and please wish us luck I am sure we are going to need it!

Here are a couple of pictures of my new apartment!

502e4c1cc32f11e383470002c954d1a6_8 923603_718422908208864_273155798_n

Broke But Still Shopping

830b711312bc76cf1c8d200f2c22482eWhen I saw this sweatshirt the first thing I thought was that I HAVE to have it. It was only the lack of funds in my bank account that stopped me from searching and buying it. I would like to think that I am pretty good at controlling myself when it comes to shopping, but I think I might need to work on the lack of control I have when finding a bargain.

Recently I have been selling a few old items on eBay and advertising clothes that no longer fit to friends. Luckily I have managed to sell enough things to make great updates to my wardrobe. Outfit posts to follow.

Chealsea boots…



So I totally fell in love with these boots, I have a huge soft spot for ankle boots and this gold metal trim looks so great. Unfortunately the avid shopper got the better of me as I bought a size 4 although I’m a 5. Although they were comfy for like 5 mins my mistake became apparent – Which is a shame as I really really loved them! *sigh*

Shopping Spree


Last weekend I went home to go shopping with my Mum and my Sisters, as an early Mothers day outing. We shopped for 5 hours and ate a huge amount of Wagamamas! It was a lovely day spent with the fam and a  great time to use my work discount and get some key spring items.

For the last few months I have been searching for this navy blazer, it’s made of crepe and is an amazing classic item which I know will be timeless. It comes in Pink too, my mum got both colours, shows it’s a great for all ages.


I bought this victoriana top as it looks so nice under the blazer, I think its a great transitional spring/summer garment and I’ve never own anything like this – although I’ve loved this trend forever.


This is a Chelsea Girl dress, it’s midi dress which I would never usually pick as I’m 5ft 2″ that this style I find makes me look dumpy and frumpy. This was the total opposite the fully buttoned dress fitted amazingly and the v-neck made it look really well proportioned on me. Again I feel its a great classic piece in my wardrobe.


Denim is one of those items I find difficult to buy, I seem to float between two sizes at the moment and only really wear skinny jeans. These are cigarette jeans my sister got the same as they are really soft and stretchy denim making you feel super comfy!



These are both hand me downs from my sister, one great thing of having big sisters. Both items are from primark. I love the scribble print on the top and the colours.


Finally my eldest sister got this from a car boot sale, it was 50p and from Topshop. I love the tencel fabric, and the colour is quiet unique yet still goes with loads of things!!

Blazer, blouse dress and jeans – RIVER ISLAND

Jumper & tee – Primark

Khaki top  – Topshop

What You Would Pack For a Weekend Away


One of my favourite part of the week is when I get to catch up reading other peoples blogs. I love seeing what others are up to and what is inspiring them. I clicked on one of the blogs to discover TREKAMERICA and to say I am inspired is an understatement.

There is nothing I love more than traveling, equally there is nothing I love more than America. It sounds cheesy I know, but after studying in the big apple I have been itching to go back. Between saving and paying rent I think it will be a little while before I can afford to venture further. This is where TREKAMERICA seems like the perfect opportunity.

tumblr_n0y1f9CKp51r2f6aqo1_500The competition is to write what would you pack for a weekend away. I travel back home and to my boyfriend that I feel that I am a pro at this! It is easy to pack loads try to prepare for every occasion, which at times is essential (birthdays and Christmas) other than that it is being minimal and making the most out of it!

I thought I would break it down to beauty, fashion and extras…


1. So it is obvious I would take my makeup bag with me… I have recently upgraded size. From traveling here and there a slightly bigger bag is super helpful. Makeup bag essentials for me are: Foundation, Mascara, Liquid eyeliner, borw liner and my benifit bronzer.


When traveling I carry around with me a small tube of NIVA face moisturizer, hand cream, a range of lipsticks (this prepares for most occasions) and false eyelashes – keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming review. I like to take very simple jewelery stuff that I feel goes with most outfits and can transcend from day to night.

When I go places for a long amount of time I love to take proper bath and hair wash, it really makes a difference when missing home having familiar smells is a huge comfort for me.


Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 21.03.06Denim is always a great option as it goes with so much, it can be worn with heels and bling for a dressy look or with converse for a practical day of sight seeing and still looking chic (denim dress asos) The grey dress is from Topshop, I have a previous style that I feel so confident in that I think its really essential to keep investing in a shape that you love. This large bag is great too, an amazing statement print which goes with both dresses. A jumper to throw over when the weather is worse than you are expecting. This one is GORGEOUS I love the embellishment and the crop styles are perfect to throw over a dress.

Finally a pair of converse, they are great when you have to do loads of walking, if the weather is hot or cold. I couldn’t live without mine!!


Ok so my extras are the heaviest items that take up the most of my weekend bag. I take my Ipad as I feel its really easy to carry around, I’m able to read books, play solitaire and write short things for my blog whilst on the train/coach. It is also very portable and can really quickly connect it to my laptop.

I always take my laptop too. As it is just essential for my blogging and skyping. Traveling is very important to me just as much as my family! I do love catching up with movies and uploading pictures.

Adam bought me an amazing camera for my birthday and I love using it, although I don’t feel as if I have pushed it to its full potential – I am sure taking it to America will enable me to do this!! I do try and squeeze a sketchbook somewhere in my suitcase too. I love documenting inspiring fashion moments and it is crazy how many inspiring things in you see in new places!

Is there anything special that you would take? Have you ever been to America?

Will you Wish on a Shooting Star?

Work has been crazy busy that in the evenings I have been too tired to concentrate on anything that I end up just eating and watching a movie in bed. Exciting life I know. But 2014 is starting out positive, I have had great feedback from work and my contract has been extended which I am super pleased about.

In the mean time I have still had the energy to create my January wish list….

jan wishGranted its all very black and white. But it is all a must have and for a bargain well except for the glitter boots.

1. Glitter boots – Russell and Bromley

2. Gingham dress – Topshop

3. Clutch bag – Asos

4. Ring – Whistles on Asos

5. Boots – Boohoo

If only I didn’t have to wait until the next pay day to treat myself. *sigh*