Folk Fashion Trend

tumblr_n9yqtrFvO11qzjwqeo1_500 tumblr_msn2sxqtoe1s1ti3to1_500 tumblr_mmx9l1jCmX1qfgwwmo1_540 tumblr_nd6zumS01Y1sfp15po1_540The prettiest floral trend for the summer is the folk florals. embrace the 70’s with the heavily patterned prints or explore with the more traditional colour embroidery on white shirting. I would even expect to see these prints/embroidery across shoes and bags – a trend that I’m loving!

She’s a 70’s babe

tumblr_nc69ozQVTM1s0xfxyo1_500 tumblr_nm56yt1Q5H1qixx26o1_540 tumblr_nm6wocx0fW1qbrd03o1_540

The 70’s are back in full force. Fill your wardrobe with plenty of tan, suede, flair jeans and floral prints. These images just sum up my inspiration for this look. Whats not to love….