What You Would Pack For a Weekend Away


One of my favourite part of the week is when I get to catch up reading other peoples blogs. I love seeing what others are up to and what is inspiring them. I clicked on one of the blogs to discover TREKAMERICA and to say I am inspired is an understatement.

There is nothing I love more than traveling, equally there is nothing I love more than America. It sounds cheesy I know, but after studying in the big apple I have been itching to go back. Between saving and paying rent I think it will be a little while before I can afford to venture further. This is where TREKAMERICA seems like the perfect opportunity.

tumblr_n0y1f9CKp51r2f6aqo1_500The competition is to write what would you pack for a weekend away. I travel back home and to my boyfriend that I feel that I am a pro at this! It is easy to pack loads try to prepare for every occasion, which at times is essential (birthdays and Christmas) other than that it is being minimal and making the most out of it!

I thought I would break it down to beauty, fashion and extras…


1. So it is obvious I would take my makeup bag with me… I have recently upgraded size. From traveling here and there a slightly bigger bag is super helpful. Makeup bag essentials for me are: Foundation, Mascara, Liquid eyeliner, borw liner and my benifit bronzer.


When traveling I carry around with me a small tube of NIVA face moisturizer, hand cream, a range of lipsticks (this prepares for most occasions) and false eyelashes – keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming review. I like to take very simple jewelery stuff that I feel goes with most outfits and can transcend from day to night.

When I go places for a long amount of time I love to take proper bath and hair wash, it really makes a difference when missing home having familiar smells is a huge comfort for me.


Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 21.03.06Denim is always a great option as it goes with so much, it can be worn with heels and bling for a dressy look or with converse for a practical day of sight seeing and still looking chic (denim dress asos) The grey dress is from Topshop, I have a previous style that I feel so confident in that I think its really essential to keep investing in a shape that you love. This large bag is great too, an amazing statement print which goes with both dresses. A jumper to throw over when the weather is worse than you are expecting. This one is GORGEOUS I love the embellishment and the crop styles are perfect to throw over a dress.

Finally a pair of converse, they are great when you have to do loads of walking, if the weather is hot or cold. I couldn’t live without mine!!


Ok so my extras are the heaviest items that take up the most of my weekend bag. I take my Ipad as I feel its really easy to carry around, I’m able to read books, play solitaire and write short things for my blog whilst on the train/coach. It is also very portable and can really quickly connect it to my laptop.

I always take my laptop too. As it is just essential for my blogging and skyping. Traveling is very important to me just as much as my family! I do love catching up with movies and uploading pictures.

Adam bought me an amazing camera for my birthday and I love using it, although I don’t feel as if I have pushed it to its full potential – I am sure taking it to America will enable me to do this!! I do try and squeeze a sketchbook somewhere in my suitcase too. I love documenting inspiring fashion moments and it is crazy how many inspiring things in you see in new places!

Is there anything special that you would take? Have you ever been to America?

Will you Wish on a Shooting Star?

Work has been crazy busy that in the evenings I have been too tired to concentrate on anything that I end up just eating and watching a movie in bed. Exciting life I know. But 2014 is starting out positive, I have had great feedback from work and my contract has been extended which I am super pleased about.

In the mean time I have still had the energy to create my January wish list….

jan wishGranted its all very black and white. But it is all a must have and for a bargain well except for the glitter boots.

1. Glitter boots – Russell and Bromley

2. Gingham dress – Topshop

3. Clutch bag – Asos

4. Ring – Whistles on Asos

5. Boots – Boohoo

If only I didn’t have to wait until the next pay day to treat myself. *sigh*

Upcoming Trend Alert!!! 70s


So later this year we see a surge of 70’s movies from Lovelace – The story of Linda Lovelace, who is used and abused by the porn industry at the behest of her coercive husband, before taking control of her life.

American Hustle – Which tells the story of brilliant con man Irving Rosenfeld, who along with his equally cunning and seductive British partner Sydney Prosser is forced to work for a wild FBI agent Richie DiMaso.

and finally the re-make of the 70’s classic Carrie – A horror tale about Carrie White, a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother, who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.


lovelacecarrie american hustle

I’m really excited to see all of these movies, Carrie in particular I remember watching the original when I was a kid and totally being freaked out!! All these movies have an incredible cast and are bound to have a wardrobe to inspire the audience.

I have had a look at whats on the highstreet and seen how you can dress with a 70’s twist. 70 outift 2

This first outfit is inspired by Lovelace (thats minus the porn star look) I have chosen a glam Kimono with a loose cami dress, I have chosen dusky colours to create that romantic look. Update the style with ankle boots and a chunky necklace.

Kimono – River Island

Necklace – Zara

Dress – Topshop

Shoes – Office70 outfit

I am really hoping to get some form of a fur coat for this winter, I think that it is a must have if we have a winter like last year. This is Topshop’s new take on a fur jacket, which I have to say I love!! Tan wedges are a classic 70 shoe, these nastygal are a wish list essential.

Coat – Topshop

Jumpsuit – Topshop

Necklace – Zara

Shoes – Nastygal

Other common accessories to these outfits are bangles and all sorts of rings, the more the better! Try not to venture onto hippy/boho. Keep a sexy 70’s feel leave the bohemian you in the wardrobe until spring!!

Dress me Wear me….


Working in the fashion industry always sparks the conversation of dressing friends for special events or help them rebuild their wardrobe. I have never thought that I would be any good. Usually my own clothes are seen to be a little β€œout there” although I find them the bog standard in fashion thing.

Recently though I think it is important to build on a wardrobe that you are confident in and there are a few key points that can change your look which might not even mean you need to change much in your wardrobe.

I would recommend to start with the simple things…

Change your leggings to :

Black skinny jeans
Wet look leggings
Disco Pants

Jazz up your outfit with statement pieces like:


Swap your pumps for heels or boots.

Here are my outfit choices, obviously tops or bottoms can be changed to similar items that you feel more comfortable and confident in.

outfit1&2 outfit3&4 outfit 7&8 Outfit5&6 outfit 9& 10 outfit 1112&13

There is nothing wrong with an outfit repeater or being clever how to use the same items in different ways.

All of these items are from the highstreet and can be found at:





New Flower Power




I love the Japanese influnce Prada has taken in their recent collections. With floral being the rage every summer it is always great to see what shape and form they will take. We saw on the catwalk a strong oreintal style from many designers using plush fabrics and oreintal style flowers. Keep an eye out for bold flowers for a beautiful statement!

If only it was Payday Everyday…

ImageEeeek, its pay day and I’ve already figured what I will be spending my money on!! I have been clearing out my wardrobe and deciding what I will be giving to charity and what bits I will be selling on ebay!

These new items are perfect as they can all interchange with each other creating perfect outfits from the office to night and straight through to the weekend. Put them with a couple of staple items you already have in your closet and that’s like 4/5 outfits in under Β£145.

I have no black shirts, none at all and it is a perfect item to create layers for warm winter outfits or you can wear alone for a chic look. The shirt also goes perfectly with the pencil skirt and can be place under the white jumper for this season’s monochrome look.

This red skirt is adorable too, it fits in very will with my previous post “all the kids in America.” There is also a matching jacket which I might indulge in later on in spring. At the moment I will wear with the white jumper and grey cardigan, simple jerseys will also go well, or to rock it up a bit team with a patterned leotard (American apparel are my fav!)

Topshop have the cutest pencil skirt, it hits the varsity trend so well and I think is so cool. You can wear with crop tops and denim jackets, to shirts and blazers! Its a real versatile look that I can’t wait to rock in the office. The handbag is also from Topshop the winged shape is adorable and the light colouring with patient finish is so classy. It is a great size too, get it whilst you can its only come back in stock online.

The grey cardigan is a no-brainer, the texture keeps it from being any old knitwear piece and the light colour can be teamed with any other colour in your wardrobe, this to me makes it a must have!

If I manage to then I will take pictures of me in my new items and post on here with suitable styling.

1. Black Shirt – Pull&bear

2. Handbag – Topshop

3. Polka Dot Shirt – Pull&bear

4. Cardigan – Riverisland

5. Pencil Skirt – Topshop

6. Skirt – RiverIsland

7. White Jumper – Pull&bear