For Easter a friend and I bought a last minute ticket to Copenhagen. It has been on my visit list FOREVER and it was great to finally get over there and experience a bit of Scandinavian culture!

Photo 25-03-2016 11 38 53

Photo 25-03-2016 12 36 10

Photo 25-03-2016 19 56 46

Photo 26-03-2016 15 45 12

We visited most of the key places like the round tower and Nyhavn. I think the highlight was the torve hallerne kobenhavn (the food market). We attempted a walking tour however it wasn’t for us, the tour guide although really knowledgeable was really pretty irritating. We made a quick exit and grabbed a glass of wine instead!

Photo 27-03-2016 11 26 48

Photo 28-03-2016 22 14 38

Photo 28-03-2016 22 14 40

Photo 28-03-2016 22 14 44

Photo 28-03-2016 22 14 49

Photo 28-03-2016 22 14 54

Mon Amour French restaurant that did AMAZING steak.

Photo 28-03-2016 22 15 16

Best Mexican – Condesa. we went for the share tacos with beef, pork and fish. The quality and flavour was amazing. i would seriously recommend to visit if you like Mexican food – book before going!

Photo 28-03-2016 22 15 19

The food market where I feast on bread cheese and wine!



It was a great quick break and everything that I needed!


Have you been before? What’s your favourite thing to do in Copenhagen?

Budapest & Vienna


Over the Easter break a few friends and I ventured to Budapest and Vienna for a little city get away. I preferred Budapest, with all their cute cafes, restaurants, and bars. The cost of food, alcohol, and living out there is very cheap; which means you don’t have to watch your wallet (or your waist line unfortunately).

DSC_0017 DSC_0001 DSC_0061 DSC_0004 DSC_0127 DSC_0116

Whilst there we stayed in Brody Apartments, which was gorgeous and plenty spacious for the 4 of us. We ventured out on the free walking tour, which took us to some of the key locations around Budapest, learning little bits about the history and where the best places are to go. We were joined by plenty of wind and the occasional snow. It didn’t stop everywhere we wanted to go so we made our own stops afterwards.

DSC_0058  DSC_0068The Little Princess her knees shiny from thousands of hands stroking it for luck.DSC_0155 DSC_0134 Emanuel Tree – with the names of Hungarian Jews killed during the Holocaust inscribed on each leaf  DSC_0142Street art – Did you know Hungary invented the Rubix cube?DSC_0179ParliamentDSC_0175 DSC_0163Shoes on the Danube Bank DSC_0084

The ruin bars are what Budapest is known for, we went to plenty and I would recommend checking them out! Maybe try a Polinka or two, but expect a hangover in the morning.

We headed to Sparty one night for the spa baths turned club, which I wouldn’t really recommend. The party scene was fun, just in general it was full of creepy guys who would dunk you if you weren’t interested in their boring chat up lines..


After 4 amazing days we caught an early train to Vienna, being Easter Monday there wasn’t a lot to do. We headed to the castle for the Easter market, enjoying plenty of food and again more snow.

DSC_0137 11226866_456259974538280_2130274297_n 11137956_1554304634822393_755244101_nSt Stephens Cathedral


We found a cute café to sit in whilst the others figured out the map and tram system – a skill I am useless in and had a wonder around a few sightseeing places.

Photo 07-04-2015 13 53 15 Photo 07-04-2015 14 15 18 Photo 07-04-2015 14 53 35
Cinnamon bun pudding
Lugeck was certainly my highlight of Vienna, the décor and food was amazing, along with the pear and ginger wine spritzers.


It was a great trip and can’t wait for another city break. Any recommendations for my next get away?


All of the amazing photography by Nicola. Check out Nicola’s photos on her Instagram here

Time To Celebrate


As you all might know I go on holiday on Friday, I can’t even explain how excited and nervous I am to fly back to the Big Apple and see old friends. Of course it is time to celebrate, I will be spending my first ever Thanks Giving in America. Fingers crossed to look forward to many many more visits ahead.

Straight after I get back I have a few days in England then heading back to Hong Kong and China for a week. Can you believe how much I have fitted in before Xmas. Most of my blog will be queued. If I don’t get to any of your messages I promise to over the Christmas Break.

I hope for all you Americans you have a lovely Thanks Giving. I can’t WAIT to tell you what shenanigans I get up to. For all those enjoying a drink tonight, raise your glass for me, for a safe journey.




Hong Kong & China

Photo 31-07-2014 16 14 09


As you all know I went on my first work trip to Hong Kong and China. I was told last minute and had a huge rush to pack my suitcase and mentally prepare for such an exciting trip. It was such an amazing experience that went far to fast. The days were very long we met with suppliers and actioned new designs for our high summer range. Seeing the show rooms and all the samples was really inspiring and somewhat mind boggling. After getting stuck in the hours seemed to fly by and it was a huge push to get everything finished. I think it really has made me grow as a designer learning how to work under pressure, alongside building a one-to-one relationship with suppliers.

In the evenings we were able to experience some amazing restaurants and bars, which made the day well worth it. I’ve found a new love for red wine and managed to try a whole new selection of food.

I really really hope that I am able to go again in the near future. I’m so excited to learn more and it would be lovely to experience the city more.

Photo 30-07-2014 05 15 04

This is how they paint edges on shoes and bags. All by hand!! can you believe it, even in full production each edge is hand painted. It was a great opportunity to visit and look inside a factory where these samples are made.

Photo 30-07-2014 15 02 14 Photo 30-07-2014 15 02 34

On my first night in Hong Kong we enjoyed tapas and wine and of course I had to have a photo with the skyline!

Photo 30-07-2014 16 53 56

A nice complimentary gift from the hotel.

Photo 31-07-2014 14 21 02

This was my first ever taste of Lobster!!

Photo 31-07-2014 15 51 51 Photo 31-07-2014 15 57 19

Photo 28-07-2014 13 40 44 Photo 28-07-2014 13 40 49

My amazing hotel room in China! The bathroom had its own personal sauna! Unfortunately I only managed to spend to short nights here!

10561149_682116081862799_1248776491_n 10561213_1443154379296785_791171023_n

The last insta opportunity I had. Looking very tired from a super long day and awaiting the 12 hour flight! Goodbye HK it’s been a pleasure!


Last Minute Jet Setter


On Friday afternoon at work I was invited to go on a business trip that was to leave on Sunday eve. I am so excited and nervous but can’t believe what an amazing opportunity I have been given. I will be flying to Hong Kong and China to visit suppliers to design the high summer shoes and bags with other colleagues.
I never thought that I would be given this chance so soon in my career. Please wish me luck, fingers crossed it all goes well and that I will be able to go on more in the future. I might be a little distant on the social media for the next week and a half but will have so much to tell you when I get back!

Of course I’m going to take as many pictures and possible so keep an eye out on my insta to see what I’m seeing. Have a lovely week all 🙂


What You Would Pack For a Weekend Away


One of my favourite part of the week is when I get to catch up reading other peoples blogs. I love seeing what others are up to and what is inspiring them. I clicked on one of the blogs to discover TREKAMERICA and to say I am inspired is an understatement.

There is nothing I love more than traveling, equally there is nothing I love more than America. It sounds cheesy I know, but after studying in the big apple I have been itching to go back. Between saving and paying rent I think it will be a little while before I can afford to venture further. This is where TREKAMERICA seems like the perfect opportunity.

tumblr_n0y1f9CKp51r2f6aqo1_500The competition is to write what would you pack for a weekend away. I travel back home and to my boyfriend that I feel that I am a pro at this! It is easy to pack loads try to prepare for every occasion, which at times is essential (birthdays and Christmas) other than that it is being minimal and making the most out of it!

I thought I would break it down to beauty, fashion and extras…


1. So it is obvious I would take my makeup bag with me… I have recently upgraded size. From traveling here and there a slightly bigger bag is super helpful. Makeup bag essentials for me are: Foundation, Mascara, Liquid eyeliner, borw liner and my benifit bronzer.


When traveling I carry around with me a small tube of NIVA face moisturizer, hand cream, a range of lipsticks (this prepares for most occasions) and false eyelashes – keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming review. I like to take very simple jewelery stuff that I feel goes with most outfits and can transcend from day to night.

When I go places for a long amount of time I love to take proper bath and hair wash, it really makes a difference when missing home having familiar smells is a huge comfort for me.


Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 21.03.06Denim is always a great option as it goes with so much, it can be worn with heels and bling for a dressy look or with converse for a practical day of sight seeing and still looking chic (denim dress asos) The grey dress is from Topshop, I have a previous style that I feel so confident in that I think its really essential to keep investing in a shape that you love. This large bag is great too, an amazing statement print which goes with both dresses. A jumper to throw over when the weather is worse than you are expecting. This one is GORGEOUS I love the embellishment and the crop styles are perfect to throw over a dress.

Finally a pair of converse, they are great when you have to do loads of walking, if the weather is hot or cold. I couldn’t live without mine!!


Ok so my extras are the heaviest items that take up the most of my weekend bag. I take my Ipad as I feel its really easy to carry around, I’m able to read books, play solitaire and write short things for my blog whilst on the train/coach. It is also very portable and can really quickly connect it to my laptop.

I always take my laptop too. As it is just essential for my blogging and skyping. Traveling is very important to me just as much as my family! I do love catching up with movies and uploading pictures.

Adam bought me an amazing camera for my birthday and I love using it, although I don’t feel as if I have pushed it to its full potential – I am sure taking it to America will enable me to do this!! I do try and squeeze a sketchbook somewhere in my suitcase too. I love documenting inspiring fashion moments and it is crazy how many inspiring things in you see in new places!

Is there anything special that you would take? Have you ever been to America?